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Adigitas is a multi-media sidekick, I started to serve as an in-house IT and Digital management department to startups and entrepreneurs who desires to grow, develop, and maintain their digital presence online. My minimalistic approach, provides clients with a clear and conscious guide in building profitable, purposeful,  and relatable businesses while leveraging the power and opportunities of technology and the digital space. Nevertheless, we collaborate with clients, reflecting their needs in our work.

I’m  in the business of simplifying your journey, while helping you build impactful and meaningful success online.

Our process is the same for all of our services: Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and Syndication, and Brand Identity and Creative Services. We use scrum methodologies to work on your project; research, design, and develop your brand in sprints and collaboratively.
Thank goodness I've found you.

Adiat Disu

Founder, Lead IT & Digital Project Manager,


          Hey there, I’m Adiat Disu, a Marketing and Communications executive, IT and Digital project manager (your personal sidekick). I work with 9-5ers and corporate leaders to build and maintain their web presence.
My belief is that legends weren’t built in a day and require a team, so I help build memorable brands, businesses, platforms,  and content  (articles, videos, workbooks, and classes ) that help reveal your brilliance,  display your sickness and develop your own meaningful products and services.
Street Credentials : I’m a Forbes 30 Under 30, award-winning entrepreneur with dual degrees in IT and Corporate Communications from Bentley University.  I founded a consortium of startups on a shoe-string budget (digitally) such as: Adiree (formerly a branding and communications firm), a marketplace for contemporary brands inspired by Africa and culture; Africa Fashion Week (a digital media and global marketing platform);  and Adigitas, a NYC-based creative IT and Project management agency developing multi-cultural brands and entrepreneurs.
I specialize in digital media, brand creative development, graphic/UI design, and IT project management.

My client list has included entrepreneurs, startups, corporations, fashion/lifestyle brands, and non-profits such as the United Nations Foundation,  United States Agency of International Development, Kimora Lee Simmon’s Shinto Clinical, Hearst Magazines (Cosmo Nigeria), Iman Cosmetics, and Akon.

My work with multicultural startups and I have been featured an as  “Everyday Hero” (two-page spread in Black Enterprise),  featured multiple times by Forbes ( US and Africa ), Washington Post , LA Times, CNN International and more.

P.S. I  have published a few things for US , Entrepreneur SA , and love kick boxing, jiujitsu, and watching UFC matches  ( I also was a massive weight lifter in high school – squats, hex bar, power cleans…LOVE).



Capture and retain your audience’s attention, business, and needs with professional and on trend web design. A digital presence truly begins with the design and layout of your website.  Our web design services allow you to present your brand vividly, yet with a modern touch. Inquire more about our web design services here.

Have a website developed from scratch  and/or customized. We won’t bog you down with too many technical terms. But here is a sample of what we will do. We will simply provide you a site that makes it easiest for you to build your audience and have them interact with you effortlessly. Most importantly, we will only build or use content management systems that make it easiest for you to update your site.

Build your business and brand presence, influence, and engagement by using social media media.  We take the time to create visually appealing and authentic content that builds and speaks to your community. Notice how we didn’t focus on increasing the numbers of your followers? That is because we believe that building quality content is your first priority. The rest will naturally follow.

Increase your email list by allowing us to create email list building strategies, design fun and interactive signup forms. Allow us to take it a step further, and we can create thoughtful and personalized content for your audience to enjoy, in the convenience of their inbox. One of the best ways to be a integral part of your consumer’s lives is having content from your site or social media platforms ready for them to consume in their inbox. As important, is creating responses that are automated (saving you time) and based on their response (clicks or certain links or images).

Show your clients how you’re different through your marketing materials (digital and print). We create logos, layouts, designs and illustrations that demonstrate your company’s uniqueness.  Effectively communicating your message through design is essential in displaying your business in the style that matches your personality and your business branding.

Well thought out and timeless design makes your marketing materials easier and more enjoyable to read. Powerful design can be used to explain complicated information. Great design can turn leads into customers. We can create nearly any kind of design, including logos, kits, presentations, digital skins, digital fliers, brochures, infographics, business cards, catalogues, reports, trade show booth designs and more.

Publish content that builds trust and familiarity with  your business and brand. Blending visuals with well crafted  story telling enhances your visibility, solidifies your reputation and provides customers with clarity which translates into sales. Our goal is to help you publish content that genuinely helps your prospective clients perform their jobs better or have better lives, it builds trust and lasting relationships. We create content such as:

– SEO Website Content
– Custom Blog Posts
– Write ups For Features, Interviews, and Press Outreach
– Premium White Papers, e-Books and Downloads
– Video content and Video testimonials
– Lead Nurturing Email Campaigns
– Social Media Content
– Press Releases
– Case Studies
– Infographics

Capture your brand’s visual appeal via photography. We plan and direct shoots; hiring and casting the right human resources to execute your story visually. Whether it’s products, services, and lifestyle shots we’re here to help you. For budget conscious clients (who have little need for product branded stock photos), we also aid in sourcing  stock photos  that represent your general needs. We can help manage purchases and curate free high-quality stock photos to use for your brand development goals.

In addition to capturing shots, we also help manage photography services and outsourcing equipment.

Pick our brain and explore our minds. Building brands via design and digital media is a large part of what we do but there are other components to building an online business, brand or reputation.  The foundation of which is business and maintaing steady operations (without banging your head against the wall).  The journey of entrepreneurship can be challenging, but we’re here to help you.    

– Annual Projections
– Income Goals
– Smart Investments
– How To Set Pricing
– Goals For Budgeting
– Staffing &  Meetings


Work With Me.

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Speak to me about your goals and let’s work together to make it happen.


1 HR

289 $
  • One (1) Hour
  • Business Development
  • Business and Brand Coaching
  • Business and Brand Evaluation
  • Exploratory Client/Service Provider Interview
  • Idea Generation
  • Recording of meeting (if via the call)



1 HR

489 $
  • One (1) Hours
  • Business Development
  • Business and Brand Coaching
  • Business and Brand Evaluation
  • Exploratory Client/Service Provider Interview
  • Idea Generation
  • How To / Source Referrals
  • Startup Checklist // Brand Samples or Mockups (you are not required to work with me to render services)



$1,800 $

One month (5 business days a week between the hours of 9 -5 pm)

  • One (1) hour consulting and management daily
  • Business Development
  • Business and Brand Coaching
  • Business and Brand Evaluation
  • Exploratory Client/Service Provider Interview
  • Idea Generation
  • Startup Checklist // Brand Samples or Mockups (you are not required to work with me to render services)


FROM our blog

“The communications and branding firm Adiree is very detail-oriented , focused, trustworthy and very creative in the PR and Media, Events, Social Media, Branding business. They re-created our logo, revamped our website, and added a touch of design to our marketing materials. They helped managed all concerns in the building process, and embedded their motto of global luxury within our branding message. They helped established our social media platforms and direct us in managing it. “

Staci RichburgCEO | Structured Beauty (Formerly Purpose Beauty)

“Adiree PR & Communication est une une entreprise de relation publique très sérieuse et professionnelle! De par leur professionnalisme, ils ont su mettre en valeur ma marque à travers une stratégie de communication bien ciblée et notre entreprise Biokidé a su profiter pleinement des retombées médiatiques de cette communication tant au niveau de la visibilité que des ventes.”

“Adiree PR & Communications is a public relations firm a very serious and professional! Through their professionalism, they were able to showcase my brand through a well-targeted communication strategy and our company has been able to take full advantage Biokidé of media coverage of this communication both in visibility and sales”

Fatimata KaneCEO / Biokide

I am a creative that you’ve directly and indirectly impacted. Thank you also for helping me to develop my brand and voice! The name of my book, book cover and website you designed and developed for me is FREAKING awesome! I look forward to working with you again. THANK THANK THANK YOU for all that you do for all brands! I think people need to hear more about what you do as a creative. You’re a creative business genius, techy, and a chic-nerd ! Sincerely, I am blessed to have met you and worked with you”

Nate SterlingCEO & Author/ Interview Blueprints


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